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Newly divorced? Update your will ASAP!

Just after your divorce, you may be focusing on starting your new life. Perhaps you are looking for a new place in Columbus because the home you previously shared with your husband no longer feels rights.

You may be busy resettling your children or dealing with the emotional stress that often comes hand-in-hand with divorce. While you are trying to adjust to your new situation, there are certain things you should not put off or let slip through the cracks, such as your will.

How to collect back child support payments

Living as a divorced parent, or single parent, can be very challenging. This is especially true when it comes to providing for your children. Many single parents are able to work because they have help from other family members with raising the children, getting them to and from school and much more. Child support plays a big part in all of this. But, here's how you can collect back child support if payments are not being made.

The most common method for acquiring back child support is to request a wage garnishment on the paycheck of your child's other parent, or whomever is supposed to be paying you child support. This is done by notifying the employee that a garnishment has been requested and then the money will be taken out of his or her check each pay period until the debt has been fulfilled.

How do I find assets hidden by my spouse?

Going through a divorce is difficult enough. Add in the stress of having to find hidden assets, and it can be overwhelming. If you are headed for divorce in Ohio, you need to know where to look for hidden assets that your spouse might be keeping from you. Following are some of the most common places to look.

One of the most common ways to hide assets is to convert cash into a collection, such as art or sports memorabilia. If this is the case, your spouse likely underreported the value of the collection as well. Look for new, high-ticket items showing up at home or at the office such as furniture, artwork and autographed items.

Go over your estate plan after you get a divorce

Once your divorce is finalized, you might think that you are done with having to think about anything related to it. This isn't the case. You have to think about your estate plan because there is a very good chance that you will have to revamp this plan.

If your estate plan was created while you were still married, your now-ex is likely the person who is going to get everything if something happens to you. You probably don't want this to happen now. There are several things that you need to review to find out what you need to alter.

How retirement benefits are handled for divorce in Ohio

Couples headed for divorce in Ohio will rightfully want to know how retirement benefits are dealt with so they can prepare for what's to come. Here is a brief overview of how the state of Ohio handles retirement accounts when a couple gets divorced.

It has been held by the Supreme Court in the state of Ohio that all retirement benefits accumulated during the length of a marriage are assets of the marriage. This means that they will need to be divided when a couple decides to divorce. Because these benefits are now viewed as equitable, they must be divided fairly among the two parties divorcing.

Follow these tips to keep a clear mind during divorce

The divorce process is sure to bring a lot of stress and tension to your life. This is something you should expect.

As bad as things appear during this difficult time in your life, there are tips you can use to clear your mind and ensure that you are on the right track.

Crisis fund created in Ohio for parents with disabled children

A crisis fund has been created by the state of Ohio that will help the parents of severely disabled children. The fund will be created under the biennial budget for the state and it will help children who are viewed as multisystem children, or those who are in danger of entering the juvenile justice system or the child protective system because of their disabilities.

The fund will be supported by money legislatures set aside for the next two years, which totals $10 million. The money is federal welfare money and the County Family and Children First Councils will be responsible for creating plans to distribute the funds.

What is the discovery process for divorce?

Not long after a couple files for divorce, the discovery process begins. This is a process much like one that occurs in a trial, as both parties will be required to provide documents for the other to review. These documents must be factual, complete and will be the subject of just about anything related to the marriage, the divorce and even separate property.

The discovery process during a divorce is an important piece of the puzzle because it allows both sides to sift through everything the couple has. It makes it easier to come to an agreement for dividing property and assets if all of them are listed on financial disclosure forms and in other documents submitted during discovery.

How to protect your assets from your ex after divorce

Going through a divorce is draining, both emotionally and financially. When you add children to the picture, a divorce can be traumatizing for all parties involved. There are various aspects of a divorce that can cause stress to boil over, including the division of assets and determining who will have custody of the children. Here's how you can protect your assets from your ex after divorce.

One example of how your ex spouse could wind up with your money is if you die prior to your children reaching the age of 18. If this happens, any assets you leave to them will be placed under guardianship until they reach 18. A guardian will be named by the court and it most likely will be the other parent, your former spouse. In order to avoid this from happening, you can create a trust for your children and appoint a close friend or relative whom you trust as the trustee.

Yes, you should change your will after divorce

After you get a divorce, one of the things you should not forget to do is to change your will. Your will, if you had one, likely had your ex-spouse as your beneficiary along with step-children or others you may no longer wish to include.

It is very important to keep your will updated, so you can make sure those you want to leave money or assets for are the people who receive them. Additionally, keeping your will updated makes sure the state doesn't revoke your ex-spouse's rights to items, or that it does, depending on the state laws.

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