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Divorcing business owners must understand their business's worth

When business owners face divorce, it can significantly complicate the property division process and pose serious threats to the wellbeing of the business itself. Depending on factors such as the spouse's level of involvement in the business, when the owner founded or acquired the business or terms established in a prenuptial agreement, it may be an asset that faces division like the rest of the couple's marital property.

Not all home appraisers see the same things

You're getting divorced and you are planning to keep the home. Your spouse is agreeable and simply wants to divide assets in a way that makes things even. You get the house, for instance, while your spouse gets the retirement fund and the cabin up north.

Can you really have the same living standard after divorce?

Many people go to court hoping they can have the same living standard after divorce that they enjoyed before it. This is only fair, they say, because they assumed the marriage would last and give them that lifestyle forever. They've grown used to it, and they want to maintain it after the split.

How do I find assets hidden by my spouse?

Going through a divorce is difficult enough. Add in the stress of having to find hidden assets, and it can be overwhelming. If you are headed for divorce in Ohio, you need to know where to look for hidden assets that your spouse might be keeping from you. Following are some of the most common places to look.

What is the discovery process for divorce?

Not long after a couple files for divorce, the discovery process begins. This is a process much like one that occurs in a trial, as both parties will be required to provide documents for the other to review. These documents must be factual, complete and will be the subject of just about anything related to the marriage, the divorce and even separate property.

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