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Is financial security possible after divorce?

You might have heard a horror story or two about someone who divorced and lost nearly everything. From the contents of the family home to the property itself to the retirement funds, everything went to the other spouse in the divorce.

Hiding assets could trigger tax evasion charges

Worried that your spouse is hiding assets so that you cannot get your fair share when the two of you get divorced? Maybe you brought up divorce last month and now your spouse has been taking trips and acting oddly, and you think he or she is attempting to defraud you of the money.

How retirement benefits are handled for divorce in Ohio

Couples headed for divorce in Ohio will rightfully want to know how retirement benefits are dealt with so they can prepare for what's to come. Here is a brief overview of how the state of Ohio handles retirement accounts when a couple gets divorced.

Dividing credit card debt in an Ohio divorce

Divorce has become quite common in the state of Ohio, to the point where it is no longer taboo to discuss. What many couples don't realize is that joint debt can haunt you if it is not dealt with during the divorce process. For example, a credit card company does not operate using divorce decrees. So, if there is joint debt after a divorce and your spouse fails to pay it, the companies will still come after you. Here are some tips to avoid that situation.

How to handle sentimental value in divorce

The division of property is an important part of any Ohio divorce process. For the most part, the law is written to take care of the equitable division of property, assets and possessions. When it comes to tangible property, this is an easy process because value can be assessed using the current market value. However, some assets might have sentimental or emotional value for one spouse or another. Here are some tips for handling sentimental value in divorce.

Is your spouse hiding assets in your divorce?

Divorce is never a happy topic, or one that couples look forward to broaching, but for some, it is inevitable. If one spouse realizes before the other that divorce is in his or her future, he or she might begin to hide assets. Hiding assets is illegal and it is done in an effort to avoid sharing everything equally when divorce occurs.

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