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January 2018 Archives

If you've done this, it's time to file for divorce

If you have made the decision to divorce, you have already made a huge step toward a new future. But, now that you have decided, there are a few things you need to do before you actually file for divorce. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as signing a few papers and going on your way. Divorce requires planning and preparation so that you can walk out of the final divorce proceedings ready to start your new life.

New debt and intentional waste of marital assets impacts divorce

Divorce has a tendency to create huge amounts of stress and lead to emotional, irrational behavior. Otherwise decent people can behave in downright inexplicable ways. The greater the overall assets from your marriage, the more likely that your divorce could end up dragging on for some time. You and your spouse may simply be unable to agree to terms for asset division regarding the divorce.

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