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August 2017 Archives

Can you really have the same living standard after divorce?

Many people go to court hoping they can have the same living standard after divorce that they enjoyed before it. This is only fair, they say, because they assumed the marriage would last and give them that lifestyle forever. They've grown used to it, and they want to maintain it after the split.

Newly divorced? Update your will ASAP!

Just after your divorce, you may be focusing on starting your new life. Perhaps you are looking for a new place in Columbus because the home you previously shared with your husband no longer feels rights.

How to collect back child support payments

Living as a divorced parent, or single parent, can be very challenging. This is especially true when it comes to providing for your children. Many single parents are able to work because they have help from other family members with raising the children, getting them to and from school and much more. Child support plays a big part in all of this. But, here's how you can collect back child support if payments are not being made.

How do I find assets hidden by my spouse?

Going through a divorce is difficult enough. Add in the stress of having to find hidden assets, and it can be overwhelming. If you are headed for divorce in Ohio, you need to know where to look for hidden assets that your spouse might be keeping from you. Following are some of the most common places to look.

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