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March 2017 Archives

How asset valuation occurs in Ohio divorce cases

Divorce cases can either be contested or uncontested. Most couples will want the process to go as smoothly as possible for both themselves and their children. But, some divorces become contested simply because the couple cannot agree on anything. One such issue is how the property is divided. When a couple cannot come to an agreement on the division of property, it will need to be valued so it can be divided fairly.

7 things for mothers to know about child custody

Mothers facing child custody cases must ensure that they are fully aware of what is going on. Understanding some basic points gives you a good foothold into what you need to consider as you are working toward the goal of a child custody order that works for your child.

How important are business valuations when it comes to divorce?

Divorce is not an easy topic to discuss, even for couples that know they are headed for an end to their marriage. If the couple owns a business or has interest in a business, the divorce can become quite complicated. These are very complex assets to divide, so how important are business valuations when it comes to divorce?

After divorce, don't forget to change your will

You and your spouse get married and you're wildly in love. You make a will, and your spouse is obviously the beneficiary, getting everything you'd leave behind. Five years go by. The marriage fizzles out and you get a divorce. In the chaos and all of the other paperwork, you forget about your will entirely.

Sole child custody versus shared parenting

Which parent gains custody of the children in a divorce is major topic of contention among couples getting divorced. Some parents will even use the children as weapons in the divorce negotiations to get their way. This is definitely not in the best interests of the children. There are two types of custody for divorcing parents: sole child custody and shared parenting.

What divorce means for your investments in Ohio

Divorce is never a popular topic of conversation for couples, even for those who have had trouble in their marriage for quite some time. When you and your spouse decide it is time to file for divorce you will want to know how it will affect your investments in Ohio.

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