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January 2017 Archives

Common mistakes made in high asset divorces

High asset divorces occur when a large amount of money, investments, property and other expensive items are at stake. Divorces of this magnitude can come with plenty of mistakes and one or both parties could feel betrayed, lied to, disappointed, angry and vengeful. Here are some common mistakes made in high asset divorces.

What are the marital property laws in Ohio?

Marital property is defined as all of the property acquired by a couple during the length of the marriage. Because of this, all marital property is subject to division should the couple decide to get divorced. There are some states that operate under community property, which means all the property is jointly owned. Ohio is not one of those states.

Ohio family fighting to adopt Native American foster child

A family in Ohio is fighting to adopt their Native American foster child, but a recent court ruling has gone against them. A court ruled in December that the couple has to turn the 4-year-old over to a Native American tribe based in Arizona.

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