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Go over your estate plan after you get a divorce

Once your divorce is finalized, you might think that you are done with having to think about anything related to it. This isn't the case. You have to think about your estate plan because there is a very good chance that you will have to revamp this plan.

How to protect your assets from your ex after divorce

Going through a divorce is draining, both emotionally and financially. When you add children to the picture, a divorce can be traumatizing for all parties involved. There are various aspects of a divorce that can cause stress to boil over, including the division of assets and determining who will have custody of the children. Here's how you can protect your assets from your ex after divorce.

Divorced? Find financial stability in Ohio

Divorce can be devastating for some emotionally and financially. For those who were not in charge of the finances when married, divorce can be downright frightening. You are literally having to start from scratch. If you have recently gotten divorced, here's how you can find financial stability in Ohio.

After divorce, don't forget to change your will

You and your spouse get married and you're wildly in love. You make a will, and your spouse is obviously the beneficiary, getting everything you'd leave behind. Five years go by. The marriage fizzles out and you get a divorce. In the chaos and all of the other paperwork, you forget about your will entirely.

What divorce means for your investments in Ohio

Divorce is never a popular topic of conversation for couples, even for those who have had trouble in their marriage for quite some time. When you and your spouse decide it is time to file for divorce you will want to know how it will affect your investments in Ohio.

Are you overlooking this important act post divorce?

As a married individual, you may have created a will with your spouse, leaving all of your assets and real estate to your surviving spouse in the event of your death. You may have also opted to craft an additional estate planning tool referred to as a trust, possibly to bypass the probate process in order to save time and money or take advantage of certain tax benefits.

How to cope with divorce during the winter months

There's no secret that the winter months can be brutal for a lot of people because of the lack of sun and the gloomy skies. But, it can also be rough for married couples. The University of Washington found that divorce filings pick up in January and peak by March. They peak again in August before dropping drastically in the fall months. Here are some tips on how to cope with divorce during the winter months.

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