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The advantages of sole custody in Ohio

Sole custody is a type of child custody in Ohio that parents can fight for when going through a divorce. Sole custody is defined as one parent having the exclusive legal and physical custody of his or her children. This is a very rare arrangement these days, unless the other parent has been deemed unfit or incapable of having any responsibility over his or her children.

New levy for Job and Family Services on ballot in Ohio county

A new levy will be on the ballot in May for the Job & Family Services in Crawford County, Ohio. Voting in Crawford County is scheduled for May 2. The levy is for $1.5 million in property taxes at a rate of $0.15 per $100 of property valuation. The levy has been created in an effort to help local children in need.

How do I put together a parenting plan in Ohio?

A parenting plan is used by parents who no longer live together or who have gotten divorced, yet both still want to be involved in their children's lives. Parenting plans are a great way to end fighting between parents over how different issues will be handled. Parenting plans allow the parents, or the judge, a way to determine which schedule is best for the family based on their circumstances. So, how do I put together a parenting plan in Ohio?

7 things for mothers to know about child custody

Mothers facing child custody cases must ensure that they are fully aware of what is going on. Understanding some basic points gives you a good foothold into what you need to consider as you are working toward the goal of a child custody order that works for your child.

Sole child custody versus shared parenting

Which parent gains custody of the children in a divorce is major topic of contention among couples getting divorced. Some parents will even use the children as weapons in the divorce negotiations to get their way. This is definitely not in the best interests of the children. There are two types of custody for divorcing parents: sole child custody and shared parenting.

Paying child support on time is critical to your custody case

You probably weren't expecting to be served with divorce paperwork. In a single day, your life can go from normal to completely unrecognizable. Instead of going home to your spouse and children, suddenly you're looking for a place to stay, seeing your kids on the weekends and facing the prospect of paying child support.

Keeping the child's best interests in mind during divorce

One of the most important aspects of a divorce has to be the children. Children, especially young ones, can be emotionally scarred by a divorce as it is. Add in a child custody battle, and the children could be traumatized for life if it gets nasty. Parents must always keep the child's best interests in mind during a divorce.

Ohio family fighting to adopt Native American foster child

A family in Ohio is fighting to adopt their Native American foster child, but a recent court ruling has gone against them. A court ruled in December that the couple has to turn the 4-year-old over to a Native American tribe based in Arizona.

What is your child's "best interest?"

In Ohio courts, as with most family courts in the nation, much of what happens during a divorce or marriage dissolution regarding the children of the marriage is determined according to the best interests of the child or children. In Ohio, the standard is described in the state statutes, section 3109.04(F)(1-3).

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